Welcome to Live Happy and Well 365

Welcome to Live Happy & Well 365.

Hi there! Let us introduce ourselves. We are Joy and Heather and we are fitness trainers, wellness coaches, and happy experts.

Our goal is to share simple workouts, recipes, and tips to help you live a happy, healthy life all year long.

It’s important to be mindful of the happiness that you have in your life now. When you are happy first, you increase success in all other areas of your life, including your physical health.

We like to have fun with our posts to spark a little joy. We may post a little joke or a silly photo from time to time like one of these…

But our main goal is to share simple, safe, and effective exercises and workouts in a variety of formats (strength, barre, Pilates, yoga, spinning, running, triathlons, and hiking are our specialties) for every fitness level.

And to share our food philosophy of eating real food and to not jump on the fad diet train.

We also share our tips and inspirations on how to create your own happiness.

We hope you follow our happy wellness movement.

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