The Yoga Mind – Silly or Serious

The Yoga Mind

Yoga is about uniting mind, body, and soul. Be in the present moment, mindful of your inner self.

yoga inspiration

Yoga isn’t about being serious…

clearly!  It’s just important to be in the NOW and to not let your mind wonder to the future or the past.

Tips for a Healthy Yoga Mind:

  • Note how you are feeling at the present moment – silly, serious, sad, or content, and stay with that for a few breaths.
  • How does your body feel in the present moment?
  • Where do you feel tension in your body?  Could you breathe and release that tension?
  • When you breathe, feel that breath enter and leave your body.
  • When you find your mind wandering, just take note of it and bring it back to the present moment.

Mindfulness for a healthy yoga mind just takes practice.  You will feel more calm, confident, and ready to take on the world when you devote time each day to being in the present moment.

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