Slow Strength Flow

Breaking down and slowing down the power vinyasa flow can feel challenging but has many benefits to offer.
In today’s Friday Flow we invite you to try slow moving chaturanga dandasana to your practice to strengthen shoulders, triceps, postural muscles and core. This also opens the heart, stretches the front of the body and helps to deepen your breath.
  • From downward facing dog, inhale and ripple forward to high plank using core muscles.
  • From high plank exhale and lower half way down to chaturanga dandasana or low plank. Option to take this pose on the knees. Make sure to corkscrew arms in next to ribs and pull shoulders away from ears.
  • chaturanga dandasana or low plank yoga strength flow
    • Hold for one breath cycle and on the next exhale push back up to high plank to downward facing dog.
    • Repeat 3-5x and feel all of the strength in your vinyasa flow!
    Yoga strength quote

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