January Wellness Challenge

Over here at Live Happy and Well 365, we are ready to challenge you to focus on happy wellness for 2019.  We all have New Year’s resolutions – there is nothing wrong with setting goals and trying to better yourself this new year.

small steps new year's resolutions quote


Take small, attainable steps everyday, because they snowball into big changes and big results!

  • #MoveItMonday: move
  • #TastyTuesday: healthy eats
  • #WorkoutWednesday: get stronger
  • #ThursdayThoughts: get happy
  • #FridayFlow: meditate or do Pilates or yoga
  • #SaturdayCelebrations: hydrate, smoothies, beverages, etc.
  • #SoulfulSunday: spend quality time with friends and family & organize and prep for week ahead.


*Here’s your plan for everyday in January.

january wellness challenge fitness inspiration new year new you

  • Day 1:  Dark leafy greens are nutrient-packed and you should try to get them in your diet everyday. You can add them to almost any meal and you will be increasing your energy and decreasing risk for certain cancers and diseases. If you want to start moving January 1, go walk, jog, or run 1 mile. If one mile seems like too much, start with what you can – maybe 1 lap around your neighborhood block.
  • Day 2:  Planks are so important to do because they strengthen all the muscles of your core and your core is involved in every single activity you do. Start face-down either on hands or elbows.  You have the option of doing the plank from your knees or toes. Push your hands or forearms down into your mat, keep your neck in alignment, shoulders retracted and depressed, chest open, abs in, squeeze your butt, quadriceps, and focus on your breath for 20-30 seconds, 45 seconds, or 1:30 minutes.

fitness motivation plank double plank

fitness motivation one more rep get stronger

  • Day 3:  Write down a happy moment.  Write down the details of that moment. Think of all your senses – sight, smell, taste, touch, sound.  Think about that moment for a few minutes. Focusing on happy things rewires your brain to find the positives.  Want to move today?  Go do your mile walk or run.
  • Day 4:  Meditate for 1 minute:  Sit tall  – either cross-legged on the floor, on a pillow, or in a chair with your feet flat.  Your hips and legs are planted, and your heart is open and light. Just focus on your breath.  That’s it.  Don’t force it, keep it easy.  If your mind wanders, that’s ok – just go back to the breath.  How about adding another plank in today?
  • Day 5: Hydrate. Focus on getting enough water in your body.  Start first thing in the morning before coffee and get that first glass in you.  Hydration is important for all your bodily functions – improving brain activity, muscle performance, lubricates joints, gets nutrients to the cells, and more – drink up! Try a water refresher here.  Want to move today?  Do your mile walk or run.
  • Day 6:  Food prep at least one meal for the week.  It’s easy to eat healthy when you have stuff all ready to go. Cut up veggies and have them ready to go in a meal.  I bet you could do at least a 30 second plank again today.
  • Day 7:  Do a mile – walk jog, or run.  Again, shorter if needed or longer if you want.  Time yourself – how fast can you do that mile?  Don’t forget to stretch!
  • Day 8:  Make a recipe with sweet potatoes. Add your one minute meditation today.
  • Day 9:  Plank day!  Could you add 5 seconds from day 2?  What about adding another mile walk or run today?
  • Day 10:  Read a happy quote.  Learn to read and speak positive and happy words to create a joy-filled life.
  • Day 11:  Meditate.  See day 4 for details but add one minute to your time.
  • Day 12:  Drink a cup of green tea.  Green tea has antioxidants, reduces inflammation, and helps fight cancer.  Joy loves Matcha Maker Green Tea – so good!  Do your plank challenge today?
  • Day 13:  Organize your desk.  Do you have a desktop that needs some attention?  Organize it.  When your things are organized and in order, it spills over into other areas of your life.  If desktops are on point, then what about that junk drawer or hall closet?  Add in your two minute meditation.
  • Day 14:  Walk or run 1.25 miles. More or less are options – challenge yourself. Add your plank before you stretch.
  • Day 15:  Try a new hummus recipe.  Beans add fiber, protein, antioxidants, iron, and more to your diet.  Once you make your own, you’ll never buy ready-made from store and it’s simple.
  • Day 16:  Plank time!  Add another 5 seconds to your time.  What about doing a 1.25 mile up a hill or up hills?  Change your terrain.
  • Day 17:  Do something for you today.  What makes you happy and what is something that is a value to you?  Make time – even 5 minutes that is just for you.
  • Day 18:  Meditate and add another minute to your time.
  • Day 19:  Drink hot water with lemon – a great pick-me-up on a cold winter day. How about adding the plank and 1.25 mile in today too?
  • Day 20:  Spend quality time with friends and family – go for a hike, catch up over coffee, or skype if they live far. Add in your 3 minute meditation.
  • Day 21:  Walk or run 1.5 miles.  Change your terrain – go on a gravel trail or run at the waterfront. Add your plank today too.
  • Day 22:  Make soup.  Add your 3 minute meditation.

acorn squash and apple soup

  • Day 23: Plank day (adding 5 seconds)!  Add in your 1.5 mile walk/run.
  • Day 24: Spread kindness and happiness.  Smile at 5 strangers today.
  • Day 25: Meditate for 4 minutes.
  • Day 26:  Make a smoothie bowl for breakfast.  Add in more real fruits and veggies to your diet.  The key to smoothie bowls is freezing your fruit.  Do your 1.5 mile walk/run too.
  • Day 27:  Declutter – give away what you haven’t used this past year.  Meditate for 4 minutes.
  • Day 28:  Increase your mileage – 1.75 mile walk, jog, or run.  Add in your plank.

run motivation

  • Day 29:  Make a breakfast veggie meal. 
  • Day 30:  Plank it up!  Adding another 5 seconds.
  • Day 31:  Repeat this affirmation:  “I will live happy and well – 365!”

Feel free to tag your challenge #livehappyandwell365 on Insta and Facebook – we would love to see your progress.

*Please consult your doctor before starting any new wellness program.


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