drink water and hydrate

January Wellness Challenge: Days 5 and 6

For days 5 and 6 of your January Wellness Challenge, we will focus on hydration and organization.

Day 5:  #SaturdayCelebrations (water intake, drinks and smoothie bowl recipes)

drink water and hydrate

Drink 8 glasses of water.  It doesn’t have to be exactly 8, but you’ve heard that one a million times, and you know it means hydrate up! If drinking just plain water all day sounds boring to you, liven it up with fruits, veggies, and herbs.  Focus on getting proper amount of H2O in by looking at the color of your urine.

Urine color and what it means:

  • Clear:   you are drinking too much water at once, cut back a bit.
  • Light Straw Color to Transparent Yellow:  this is where you want to be, you are well hydrated.
  • Dark Yellow to Amber:  you are not drinking enough water.

Check out all the colors and what they mean at:  the Cleveland Clinic website.

Hydration inspiration and quote

Day 6:  #SoulfulSunday (do things for you today, focus on spending time with family and friends and get organized for the week).

food prep and meal prep ideas

Food prep at least one meal for the week.  Here’s a few ideas for preppin’:

  • Cut up fruits and veggies so they are ready to go in meals and on the go.
  • Hard boil eggs for a quick breakfast protein source.
  • Make your Monday night dinner now or get ingredients ready for your slow cooker and put them in tomorrow morning.
  • Make healthy snacks for the week – energy bites are always a hit, but make them small – nuts and dried fruit always pack calories even though they are a healthy energy source.
  • Make a sauce that can be used on many meals throughout the week.

Get organized and be productive

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