January Wellness Challenge: Days 7-11

And just like that, we are on to the second week of our January Wellness Challenge!

Day 7: Walk, jog, or run a mile for #MoveItMonday

Move it Monday walk or run a mile

Walking Technique:

  • Stand tall
  • Abdominals in (30% out of 100%)
  • Chest open
  • Shoulders retracted and depressed
  • Slight chin tuck – look straight ahead
  • Swing arms forward and back from shoulder – not across your body
  • Lightly walk heel to toe (no pounding the pavement)

Go for a walk fitness inspiration

Running Technique:

  • Stand tall with chest open
  • Abdominals in
  • Shoulders slightly retracted and depressed – think loose and not elevated.
  • Arms bent at 90 degrees with thumbs up (try to avoid elbows out crossing the body)
  • Hands relaxed
  • Pick up your knees high enough where you aren’t shuffling
  • Land softly
  • If you are just starting out, start at a much slower pace that what you think you should do and build from there

Run inspo

After a proper warm up (slower pace walk or jog for 5-10 minutes), do a one mile test and retest every 4-6 weeks.  Don’t forget to stretch afterwards.

Day 8: Make a recipe with sweet potatoes for #TastyTuesday

Nutrients in sweet potatoes:

  • Vitamins A,B, & C (antioxidant & anti-inflammatory powerhouse)
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • Biotin
  • Fiber (for blood sugar regulation)
  • Potassium
  • Phophorus

Serving size:  1 cup cubed = 114 calories (27g carbs/4g fiber)

Day 9:   Plank challenge for #WorkoutWednesday

  • Add 5 seconds from last week.  (options 25 seconds, 50 seconds, or 1:35 minutes)

Workout wednesday stronger quote

Day 10: Read a happy quote for #ThursdayThoughts

Your thoughts and words mold you. Be mindful of the positive words you read to increase your happiness. Read a happy quote and take a moment to really think about it’s meaning.

Happy saying

Day 11:  Meditate for 2 Minutes for #FridayFlow


It’s time to increase our meditation to 2 minutes. For the first minute, focus on your breath. The second minute, either pray or focus on a positive affirmation.

Meditate breathwork prayer affirmation

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