Sky Above, Earth Below

Sky above, earth below, and peace within. The Pacific Northwest has been blessed with some beautiful weather this week. Did we create a smile from our silly photoshopped upward dog photo – ha ha! Ok, it’s time for your Friday flow… Find a quiet space outside. Breathe in peace and breathe out tension for 5 minutes in a comfortable seated position. Focus on easy, comfortable … Continue reading Sky Above, Earth Below

The Yoga Mind – Silly or Serious

Yoga is about uniting mind, body, and soul. Be in the present moment, mindful of your inner self. Yoga isn’t about being serious… clearly!  It’s just important to be in the NOW and to not let your mind wonder to the future or the past. Tips for a Healthy Yoga Mind: Note how you are feeling at the present moment – silly, serious, sad, or … Continue reading The Yoga Mind – Silly or Serious