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A 30 Minute Walk/Jog Workout

Here’s a 30 minute walk/jog workout you can do on this Move it Monday! If you aren’t a runner, just pick two walking speeds. Make it happen! *30 Min Walk/Jog Workout Warm up 5 minutes walk Repeat 1 min jog and 2 min walk 5x Jog 5 minutes Cool down 5 Minute Walk Stretch! Options: Eliminate jog and do two walking speeds instead. Eliminate walk … Continue reading A 30 Minute Walk/Jog Workout

It’s Your Mile

How fast can you complete a mile? You can walk, jog, run, take breaks – whatever. Just time it and retest yourself every 4-6 weeks. It’s your mile. You are only in competition with yourself. Reminders: Always consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program. Warm up and cool down at a slower pace for 5-10 minutes before and after mile testing. Always test … Continue reading It’s Your Mile