Workout Wednesday: 7 Walk the Line Drills

Balance and coordination are important components of fitness to work on at every age. Even when you walk, you are actually balancing leg to leg. Balance training challenges the smaller stabilizing muscles of the core, ankle, knee, and hip muscles. Strengthening your stabilizing muscles builds a strong base – and a strong base not only makes you stronger, but will make you less prone to … Continue reading Workout Wednesday: 7 Walk the Line Drills

Push up Progressions

Want to get better at pushups? Start doing them at an incline. Have perfect form with hands wide at chest level, shoulders retracted and depressed, neck in a neutral position, abs in, glutes and quads contracted, and pressing into all fingers to protect your wrists. Progression from incline to floor pushups: Start from a higher surface (against a wall) with feet wider than shoulders with … Continue reading Push up Progressions

Wanna Lose Weight?

If you want to lose weight, you really need to lift weights. This will build your lean muscle mass and raise your metabolism throughout the day. Start with simple-to-execute exercises, such as squats, chest presses, and back rows and build from there. Key Points: Everyone has time for 3 exercises. *Just do it! Go slow and controlled with each exercise (2 counts down and 2 … Continue reading Wanna Lose Weight?