January Wellness Challenge: Green Tea & Organization

We are into our second weekend of our January Wellness Challenge – and it’s not too late to join the happy wellness fun! Here’s are two challenges for the weekend: Day 12: Drink a cup of green tea. Green tea has antioxidants that can boost your immune system and energy levels and is also known to help fight anxiety, stress, certain cancers, and even high … Continue reading January Wellness Challenge: Green Tea & Organization

Key Lime & Mint Refresher

Add key lime and mint to your water for a little immune power boost going into the fall season. It’s bright and refreshing and if you close your eyes as you drink it, you can pretend summer isn’t over and that you’re on a tropical beach somewhere! Mint is known for its cold and allergy fighting properties, and can also help aid IBS symptoms (just … Continue reading Key Lime & Mint Refresher