February Happy Heart Challenge

February is American Heart Month, so let’s give some love to that muscle that keeps you alive (uh, your heart)! The stronger your heart is, the more blood your heart is able to pump with every heart beat.  Which means the weaker your heart is, it takes more energy and more heartbeats to pump the same amount of oxygen throughout your body to the needed … Continue reading February Happy Heart Challenge

drink water and hydrate

January Wellness Challenge: Days 5 and 6

For days 5 and 6 of your January Wellness Challenge, we will focus on hydration and organization. Day 5:  #SaturdayCelebrations (water intake, drinks and smoothie bowl recipes) Drink 8 glasses of water.  It doesn’t have to be exactly 8, but you’ve heard that one a million times, and you know it means hydrate up! If drinking just plain water all day sounds boring to you, … Continue reading January Wellness Challenge: Days 5 and 6