February Happy Heart Challenge

February is American Heart Month, so let’s give some love to that muscle that keeps you alive (uh, your heart)! The stronger your heart is, the more blood your heart is able to pump with every heart beat.  Which means the weaker your heart is, it takes more energy and more heartbeats to pump the same amount of oxygen throughout your body to the needed … Continue reading February Happy Heart Challenge

January Wellness Challenge: Day 3

  For day 3 of your January Wellness Challenge, get yourself in the habit of seeking out happiness, positivity, and joy.  Be mindful of your happy moments and take a little time to journal these points. How did you feel in this moment – elaborate on it. What did you see? What did the air smell like? Could you taste it? What sounds did you … Continue reading January Wellness Challenge: Day 3

January Wellness Challenge

Over here at Live Happy and Well 365, we are ready to challenge you to focus on happy wellness for 2019.  We all have New Year’s resolutions – there is nothing wrong with setting goals and trying to better yourself this new year. 🌱 Take small, attainable steps everyday, because they snowball into big changes and big results! #MoveItMonday: move #TastyTuesday: healthy eats #WorkoutWednesday: get … Continue reading January Wellness Challenge

Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day!

Oh, yes! Today is not only Saturday, but it’s National Ice Cream Cone Day – yay!! We’ve been on a vegan ice cream kick over here. Just remember, vegan ice cream just means dairy free (and plant based ingredients), it doesn’t mean sugar free. *Sigh* So, you still have to eat it in moderation. A typical serving size for ice cream is a half a … Continue reading Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day!

Welcome to Live Happy and Well 365

Welcome to Live Happy & Well 365. Hi there! Let us introduce ourselves. We are Joy and Heather and we are fitness trainers, wellness coaches, and happy experts. Our goal is to share simple workouts, recipes, and tips to help you live a happy, healthy life all year long. It’s important to be mindful of the happiness that you have in your life now. When … Continue reading Welcome to Live Happy and Well 365