February Happy Heart Challenge

February is American Heart Month, so let’s give some love to that muscle that keeps you alive (uh, your heart)! The stronger your heart is, the more blood your heart is able to pump with every heart beat.  Which means the weaker your heart is, it takes more energy and more heartbeats to pump the same amount of oxygen throughout your body to the needed … Continue reading February Happy Heart Challenge

A Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Practice

Sit comfortably in a meditative position and focus on your breath for 5 minutes. Keep your breath easy. Your hips and legs are anchored and your chest and heart are open and light. Now shift your focus to 5 new things that you are thankful, grateful, and blessed for today. They can be significant or not so much. Your brain is a sponge, soaking up … Continue reading A Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Practice

Slow Strength Flow

Breaking down and slowing down the power vinyasa flow can feel challenging but has many benefits to offer. In today’s Friday Flow we invite you to try slow moving chaturanga dandasana to your practice to strengthen shoulders, triceps, postural muscles and core. This also opens the heart, stretches the front of the body and helps to deepen your breath. From downward facing dog, inhale and … Continue reading Slow Strength Flow

Sky Above, Earth Below

Sky above, earth below, and peace within. The Pacific Northwest has been blessed with some beautiful weather this week. Did we create a smile from our silly photoshopped upward dog photo – ha ha! Ok, it’s time for your Friday flow… Find a quiet space outside. Breathe in peace and breathe out tension for 5 minutes in a comfortable seated position. Focus on easy, comfortable … Continue reading Sky Above, Earth Below